Loreto Baja Golf Course

Welcome to Loreto Baja Golf Course

The Golf Course contrasts with the natural scenery. It lies between the Sea of Cortez and the Sierra La Giganta, 5 miles South of Loreto, by the Transpeninsular Highway. The 18-hole, 72-par championship golf course is set on a 177-Acre area.

It features a four-Acre practice area, three artificial lakes which beautifully enhance the landscape. The club house restaurant can host 60 guests. It also offers a terrace-bar, swimming pool and sun decks.



Loreto Attractions

The Natural Landscape:
The natural landscapes feature amazing and rare elements, such as the vegetation, the topography, the bodies of water, and other elements that contour the panoramic view, for recreational use and scenic enjoyment.
Baja California Sur has sustained little transformation by the hand of men. Its landscape maintains an untouched and natural image.
This image is one of the main tourist resources of the locality. It creates an opposite conception from civilization in the tourist’s mind; an adventurous motivation, an eagerness to discover it.
Its particular fauna is another major attraction. Composed of a wide array of specimens such as the rabbit, the squirrel, the prairie wolf or coyote, the quail, the hare, the wild boar, the raccoon, the badger, the arboreal squirrel, the iguana, the cacomistle, the duck, the goose, the deer, the turkey and several species of doves. The seals, the whales, the dolphins, the pelicans, among many others, complement the beauty of the landscape.

Historical Monuments:
Loreto offers a wide variety of cultural and tourist activities and attractions. The accumulation of historic traces and features are especially significant. The National Archaeology and History Institute (INAH, by its initial in Spanish) has already identified 7 in Loreto and 2 in San Javier, currently used as museum, churches, hotel and dwellings.

The Stone House of Loreto:
Located downtown Loreto, this building housed the old penitentiary and the House of Government, where the Mexican independence was sworn and the Adherence Act was signed in 1822 and 1824, respectively.

Pier (Malecon):
Remodeling the pier (malecon) enhanced the beauty and ambiance of Loreto, creating the perfect place for relaxation and even, for recreational aquatic activities. Historical and Tourist Sites in the Municipality San Francisco Javier Vigge Biaundo Mission The Mission was founded in 1699 by the Jesuit Francisco Maria Piccolo. The temple built by the Spanish missionary Miguel del Barco in 1744, features an outstanding Baroque style, with its structural solidity made of ashlars and mortar. It is the greatest sample of missionary architecture (The Queen of the Missions). It is majestically located at the Sierra la Giganta, West of Loreto.



Puerto Escondido:
The Puerto Escondido basin is a natural marina for small vessels, providing security, tranquility and a quiet place for tourism. In the short-medium term this place will be a top-level nautical destination, additionally featuring golf courses, marina, real estate developments, hotels, commercial area, among other facilities and services, complementing the attractions for those visiting Loreto by sea. It is one of the securest places in the peninsula during hurricane season, due to its topographical configuration.

Loreto has several islands, of great importance for nautical tourism and beauty, such as: Del Carmen Island. It is an important tourist attraction, not only for the variety in its sport fishing species and its countless beautiful beaches, but also because it preserves traces from the old salt industry: parts of a firm and strong 19th Century building. The voyage takes approximately 1 hour by boat.

Coronados, Danzantes, Monserrat, La Catalana, and Las Galeras Islands
This small archipelago includes the above mentioned islands, isles and islets, lagoons and coves beauty and tranquility for tourism, who can explore the sites by boat or kayak. They are an important attraction and great to practice all kinds of aquatic sports, such as diving for the diversity of marine species, riding water ebay hoverboard. There is also a sanctuary for seals and birds.
The Bahia Loreto National Park is a region’s paramount natural heritage.
By executive order from President Ernesto Zedillo in July 1996, it was declared a Protected Natural Area. It was taken into consideration the countless species living or visiting the sea and the islands, which are of great value for the ecosystems balance conservation. This park comprises an area of 510,470 acres, which makes it the largest marine park along the Sea of Cortez.

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