The Best Selection Of Self Balancing Hoverboards Available on eBay

Self balancing hoverboards are back in the market these days, now that their sale is regulated to ensure that only high quality ones are sold. They had a very bad reputation not too long ago because they were involved in many accidents. They’re extremely popular with celebrities (and what better endorsement does one need!) these days and are a pretty cool way of getting around as long as one figures out how not to fall off them.

If you are looking for a convenient and trendy way of going around town for your errands and saving quite a bit of money on gas, then you definitely should buy this gadget. These gadgets are

– Easy to use and navigate

– Very attractive

– Lightweight and easy to carry around

– Very low on maintenance

It has to be pointed out here that hoverboards aren’t designed for long commutes; they’re perfect for urban use where you have to move quickly from one place to another without worrying about parking space.

The good news is that you’ll find plenty of hoverboards to choose from. Of course, you’ll have to ensure that they are used properly in order to avoid accidents. The selection of self balancing hoverboard eBay offers is very impressive and you’ll definitely find one (or more) that suits your needs perfectly.

The best thing about having such a wide selection of hoverboards to choose from is that sellers are careful about offering high quality products at a good price and with reasonably good warranty coverage. In other words, increased competition means that you’ll be able to get the best possible self balancing hoverboard eBay offers without having to put in a great deal of effort. You’ll see that the cheaper brands are no longer available, and this is actually a good thing because it means that poor quality products have been weeded out by tight quality control.

We’ve put together a list of the best self balancing hoverboard eBay list so that your task of choosing one is simplified considerably. We’ve considered a number of factors such as the weight, speed, cost, range, battery life and safety features when making our selection. Our recommendations are as follows:

151009_gma_roberts_0844_16x9_992Street Saw:

This American made hoverboard has many different models and they are all very well made using high quality parts. You can be sure that the battery will last long and you won’t have to worry about leaving it to charge for too long. This hoverboard might be a bit more costly than the others, especially imports from China, but you can be sure it won’t give you trouble if you use it well. Street Saw hoverboards also tend to have high speed. The company has a very fair replacement policy. The Stability Saw is very safe to ride while the Alien Saw is eye catching.


The Skque 10” electric hoverboard is a very stylish and safe product that can carry a maximum weight of 260 pounds. It’s got motors on each footpad which allows a lot of maneuverability. The air-filled wheels are suited for all types of terrain and you can even take it on hikes. If you want a smaller one then there are 8” and 6” models as well. The battery is from a leading company (Samsung/LG) and it also has a Bluetooth speaker. Its maximum speed is around 6 miles per hour.


This was the first company to have its hoverboards certified for sale in the US. Its chrome rims and base made of polycarbonate ensure safety. New technology ensures that stops are not abrupt. The battery gets fully charged within an hour. The T3 in particular is very easy to use thanks to its large footpads.

-283b4c6e1f2f169fPowerboard by HOVERBOARD:

You’ll like the self balancing technology of this gadget that makes it extremely easy to use. It is equipped with one of the longest lasting batteries amongst hoverboards (it can easily carry on for 6 hours without needing a recharge). It’s on the costly side and can travel at a fairly sedate 5 miles per hour.

Razor Hovertrax:

This beauty comes with gyro-sensor technology that ensures stability. It can be used up to 60 minutes at a time and is extremely easy to maneuver. It can do a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour.

Go ahead and check out these hoverboards; you’ll have a great time when you get down to using them!

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